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Local News

  • Article: Nov 1, 2017

    Matt Davies recently responded to letters about the future of the Town centre

    ".... Our view remains that we should convert vacant town centre land and some unused retail property to housing to help solve our housing crisis. A useful side effect of more people living in our town centre will be to make the shops more successful.

  • Article: Oct 23, 2017

    Jenny Pinkett writes

    "A visit to the Tamworth Herald letter archives will reveal that local Liberal Democrats have long held the view that making greater use of the space over shops and conversion of other vacant properties into living accommodation would be a way of bringing more footfall to our town centre. The response to Mr Davies's letter would suggest that he suddenly wants to turn Tamworth into a housing estate or some sort of concrete jungle is a completely false and a misleading interpretation of what is being advocated. Bringing even more retail units to Tamworth will seriously damage the prosperity of current businesses and our ancient market. More shops will not bring more people, more living accommodation will. The whole concept of urban living has changed and Tamworth, unfortunately, has not yet caught up.

  • Roger Jones
    Article: Oct 23, 2017

    For me, £36 isn't a lot, and I value the service to help me with my gardening. Mind you I DID expect my Council Tax would continue to pay for these environmental services.

    However, £36 for poorer pensioners, younger citizens, those on low wages like thousands who have lived this past decade under the Conservative "Austerity Measures." For those people, it is an extra cost that is not needed. For those living under very real financial pressures week after week the decision will be: CAN we pay this or shall we find some other way to get rid of grass mowings, pruning, tree lopping etc. Many, I fear, will not pay and the result will inevitably be more dumping of garden refuse in unlawful places. This has happened in Birmingham and in other council areas where this charge has been introduced.

General News

  • Event: Jan 8, 2018 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
    Coopers Tavern, 43 Cross Street, Burton on Trent

    Our monthly pub meeting will be held one week later this month.

    Please see Councillor Helen Hall's Facebook page for details or email her at helenhall.libdem@gmail.com

  • Article: Dec 7, 2017

    The government has carried out impact assessments on policies ranging from songs from ice cream trucks to drain standards to the use of parody in comedy yet still hasn't produced any on Brexit, Liberal Democrat research has revealed.

    This is quite literally beyond parody.

    These revelations come after David Davis yesterday admitted that the 58 Brexit impact assessments he claimed his department was working never existed.

  • David Davis (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Dec 6, 2017

    After David Davis has been accused of misleading parliament, he must resign.

    David Davis needs to go. He has mislead parliament and under his leadership the Brexit department has turned incompetence into an art form.

    I am not one to call for ministerial resignations every two minutes and I've nothing against David Davis as a person but it is now clear he deceived MP. He is also writing the government's Brexit strategy on the back of a fag packet.