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Local News

  • Paul Ray Miles Trent - coop
    Page: Apr 10, 2017

    Staffordshire County Council Elections

    4 May 2017

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    Read on for details of all our candidates

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    Lichfield City North - Miles Trent

    - pictured here with Cllr Paul Ray

    -The county division includes Chadsmead ward where Cllr Paul Ray was elected with nearly half of the vote in 2016.

    As county councillor for North Lichfield , Miles Trent would be an articulate and persuasive voice for local people at County Council level, making sure that local views are taken seriously and acted upon.
    Miles lives in North Lichfield with his wife and two young children.

    Miles Trent is an experienced criminal lawyer working in the civil service and is passionate about preserving a strong effective and efficient public sector.

    Lichfield City South - Jamie Christie

    - includes Leomansley ward where Liberal Democrats have had a long history of electing District Councilors up to 2011 - Former councillor Ian Jackson is pictured with Jamie and will be part of the campaign team.

    Jamie Christie works as a scientist and university lecturer, so he is passionate about ensuring that a good education is available to all. Sadly the government's new funding formula will cut funding to many of Staffordshire's schools which could lead to fewer teachers and poorer education. If elected to the County Council, Jamie will make sure local residents' views on this vital issue are listened to and acted on.

    Jamie lives in the Lichfield City South division with his wife and two children.

    Burton Town Division - Helen Hall

    Helen Hall has been a Councillor for Burton ward on East Staffordshire council since her stunning by-election win in February 2017 with over half the vote and the other candidates sharing the rest!

    She and her husband Jamie have two small children and run their own jewelry design business.

    Helen says many of the residents complaints she deals with are actually to do with the County Council. "I can do a better job for residents if I am on the County Council as well!"

    Shobnall Ward - East Staffs b.c. Monica Douglas-Clark

    Monica is a Burton resident who is passionate about the issues that matter to the community around her.

    She has a particular attachment to Shobnall ward and is still closely connected to the community through her work, family and friends.

    She currently lives in Winshill, Burton, with her husband Simon.

    She is committed to contributing her skills and giving back to the community that she came from and helping Burton to be a better place to live for all.

    Lichfield Rural North - Stowe ward Lichfield City - Jeyan Anketell

    Jeyan Anketell has lived in Lichfield with his wife and two sons since 1985. Jeyan is a retired teacher, having been Head of Science at a local secondary school.

    During his time in Lichfield Jeyan has taken on many community roles including being a Lichfield City Councillor 2003-2007.

    Currently he is a Non-Stipendiary Minister (spare time and unpaid priest) attached to St Michael's Church, Lichfield and since June 2016 been a Volunteer Reading/Listening Assistant at the community primary school previously attended by both his children many years ago, as also Nether Stowe School.

    Burntwood South - John Smith

    John Smith was born in Lincolnshire trained as a site engineer with a civil engineering company moving to the Midlands 30 years ago and settling in Lichfield .

    He is married to Barbara and they have three grownup sons

    John is now retired and his hobbies are bellringing, gardening and travel. John is a governor at Willows School and Chair of governors at St Chad 's and has in the past been a Lichfield District councillor and City councillor for Leomansley ward

    Lichfield Rural West - Richard Rathbone

    Richard Rathbone now works part time as an inspector for the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents the GCSE and GCE examination awarding bodies. He lives in Lichfield and joined the Liberal Democrats in 2016 following the referendum result having never previously been a member of any political party.

    Richard says: "A favourite phrase used by Tory cabinet ministers these days is to introduce any statement they make with the words "I am very clear that…" In reality they are far from being clear. They certainly do not yet have a "clear" approach to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. Even the Chancellor, in the full knowledge we must assume of the Prime Minister, can make an elementary error in his recent budget over the proposed increased national insurance charges for self-employed people. Conservative politicians are not as competent as they would like to have us believe." Richard will be effective and conscientious in representing people in his division.

    Lichfield Rural East - Phil Bennion

    Phillip Bennion was County Councillor for Lichfield Rural East from 2002-05 and Lichfield District Councillor for Mease and Tame from 1999-2011. A farmer from Haunton, Phillip also served as MEP for the West Midlands from 2012-2014. From his time as a County Councillor one can see that he has a record of achieving change : 1) Worked with pressure group Tamworth Northern Alliance to get development north of Tamworth kicked out on grounds of inadequate road infrastructure 2) Campaigned successfully to get the decking to increase capacity at Tamworth station car park. 3) Instigated the adoption by Lichfield District of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) to mitigate flooding. 4) Helped introduce Direct Payments for Social Care giving the rural elderly a better chance of independent living. 5) Gained an increased frequency of buses for Mease Valley 6) Attended all Parish Council meetings in the area on a regular basis. To keep people in touch with all this he delivered regular Focus leaflets.

    Compare all this with the record of the local Tories. Tory Control at all levels of Government is bad for us. It's time to hold them to account

    Lichfield Rural South - Alasdair Brooks

    Alasdair Brooks is a post-medieval archaeologist, and the editor of two professional archaeology publications. He is a specialist in the study of the international trade in 19th-century Staffordshire pottery and has professional experience in heritage management, collections management, and archaeology in the academic, private, and museum sectors both in the UK and internationally.

    Alasdair lives in Lichfield.

    Bolebridge (Tamworth) - Matt Davies

    Matt has worked in Sales for British, American and European businesses since leaving University and currently spends his time managing UK sales for a Dutch biscuit manufacturer. His working experiences made him pro-European and led to his local co-ordination of the Tamworth Stronger In campaign. Like many people, Matt found the campaign and recent months very painful as families, friends and neighbours divided over their opinion on Europe. He hopes he can help bring the community back together as their County Councillor.

    Living in Bolebridge , Matt believes Tamworth has a great future. He is standing for election because he believes:

    1. We need Infrastructure in place first before our town is over developed and grinds to a halt.

    We must build more houses to enable everyone to have a chance of getting a home of their own but we must ensure the quality of life for our existing residents is not damaged ... the infrastructure must come first, then we can build.

    2. Our environment matters. We must protect our children's health by ensuring better air quality.

    Infrastructure and our environment are closely linked. Tamworth is already managing areas with poor air quality. We accept we need more houses and accept Tamworth will grow but insist we need a road and transport network fit for this future. If we do not invest then we will suffer the consequences of poor air quality caused by traffic jams.

    3. We must protect our local economy and jobs as we approach Brexit.

    Our government will soon be drowning in Brexit and we must fight to get the best for Tamworth in a post Brexit world and specifically:-

    • Tamworth does not lose a single job to Brexit
    • Every investment penny lost is made up by central government
    • Push for the people to have the final say on the terms of BREXIT
    • Tamworth Can Improve our Social Care

    We must consider a better way to fund our Social Care and look after our old people. We should consider tax rises if necessary and even consider a local referendum on increasing council tax to fund our social care just like they did in Surrey. Staffordshire old people matter too.

    Is it right that there is Tory Control at all levels of Government? A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to hold the Tory party to account, for a real opposition.

    Perrycrofts (Tamworth) - Jenny Pinkett

    Jenny has lived in Tamworth since 1979. She was a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Child Protection Coordinator and Inclusion Manager at a local high school. She has also been a school governor and has worked in the fastenings industry. Jenny has been a parliamentary candidate and stood in local elections many times. She is very keen to see more women involved in politics.

    Jenny feels that Tamworth is a great place to live and bring up a family. Unfortunately it seems to have a local economy based on low skilled jobs which means many skilled people leave the town to move to areas where there are more opportunities to progress in their careers. Long term planning for the town has not really been in line with the needs of the population.

    As a County Councillor she would call for a more cohesive plan on our infrastructure before further housing development takes place, linking this to the health and well being of the community. She would promote the use of electric transport to link the town centre with Ventura Park to help reduce polluting standing traffic.

    Jenny is passionate about the conversion of our unoccupied buildings for residential use, bringing more homes rather than shops to the town centre to help sustain a viable commercial atmosphere for existing businesses. She sees the proposed sale of Moorgate School by Staffordshire County Council as a real test of how investment can be encouraged and how an historic building can be developed to enhance and serve her local community.

    Horninglow & Stretton - Hugh Warner

    Burton Tower - Robert Coates

    "I am a retired engineer who has lived for the past 60 years in this Electoral Division. Consequently I know the area very well and hence feel well placed to support the community in a fair, open and tolerant way.My work career started as a trainee and then engineer at Rolls Royce, followed by many years at British Coal, Bretby and then as founder and director of a software business in Rugby, before returning to a software business in this area.On the personal level I have been a member and volunteer of St John Ambulance for many years. As a trained first aider I still volunteer for sporting events and shows.I am married with three grown up children and three grandchildren"

    Watling South (Tamworth) - Roger Jones

    Roger Jones has lived in Dost Hill, Tamworth for 33 years with his wife Christine. Both were primary school teachers for 40 years before retiring.

    They have three grown-up boys, who all attended Wilnecote High School and have international partners. So it's an international family and Roger is understandably a strong "Remainer".

    Roger has been a candidate for councillor in Tamworth several times. Apart from politics his main hobbies are playing music, travelling, photography, gardening, reading and puzzles.

    He believes this Tory government is busy dragging down the NHS through its lack of funding, and indirectly, too, through disastrous Local Authority cuts which are causing severe problems in Social Care, again damaging the NHS.

    The squeeze on Staffordshire Council spending is resulting in deteriorating roads. Insufficient spending on education, too, is damaging our children, who have become political pawns in the Tory Game of Tests and League Tables.

    Thousands of skilled doctors, nurses and teachers are leaving their posts because of Tory policies. And our youth have no prospects for decent wages or homes of their own. Brexit will make matters worse. The country seems to be going to pot (certainly to pot-holes!). It is well time for a fresh outlook. A Liberal Democrat one.

  • Lichfield and Burntwood Education cuts
    Article: Apr 1, 2017
    By Alasdair Brooks

    Under current government spending plans, 99% of English and Welsh schools will have a per-pupil funding cut. That works out to an average -£103,754 cut to primary schools (an average -£403

    average loss per primary pupil), and an average -£470,433 cut to secondary schools (an average -£554 loss per secondary pupil). These shocking figures have a direct impact here in Lichfield District, where schools in Lichfield and Burntwood are facing cuts of 6% to 18% (see graph).

General News

  • Article: Apr 22, 2017

    Tim Farron has ruled out doing any coalition deals with Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn after the election.

    Every Liberal Democrat vote and every Liberal Democrat MP elected is a challenge to Theresa May's Hard Brexit agenda. In the next parliament we will fight to stop a disastrous Hard Brexit, keep Britain in the Single Market and make sure people have their say on the final Brexit deal in a referendum with remain as an option.

  • Article: Apr 21, 2017

    The President of the European Parliament has said Britain would be welcomed back with open arms if voters changed their minds about Brexit on 8 June.

    This directly contradicts Theresa May's claim that 'there is no turning back' after Article 50.

    Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said: "This shows it's not too late to prevent a divisive, hard Brexit.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017

    Ed Davey, former Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has accused the government of engaging in a "politically dubious" act announcing the controversial sale of the Green Investment Bank to an Australian bank in a cut price deal.

    Mr Davey, who is seeking the Lib Dem nomination for his former seat of Kingston and Surbiton, likened the £2.3bn agreement to "selling off the family silver".

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn is never going to be Prime Minister because he can't even lead his own party, the Liberal Democrats have said.

    Responding to Jeremy Corbyn's speech today, Liberal Democrat Shadow First Secretary of State Alistair Carmichael said: "Jeremy Corbyn is never going to be Prime Minister. He can't lead his own party, let alone our country. The more people see him, the less they want to vote for him.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2017

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has called out Theresa May for refusing to take part in televised debates as ITV announced they will go ahead with a leaders' debate.

    Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions today, Tim Farron said: "This election can change the direction of our country. From the consequences of potential hard Brexit outside the Single Market to the future of our NHS and social care, schools and environment.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2017

    Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats' European Union spokesperson, has confirmed he will be standing again in Sheffield Hallam.

    In a statement Mr Clegg said: "Theresa May has called a General Election out of opportunism and intolerance: opportunism in seeking to exploit the weakness of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party; and intolerance in seeking a landslide majority to bring about 'unity', by which she means the ability to impose whatever interpretation of Brexit she wishes without meaningful scrutiny from Parliament.

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