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Coalition looks set for the long term, says Liz Lynne after Nick Clegg's keynote speech

September 20, 2010 6:34 PM

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have proved they are rising to the challenge of being a party of government, says local Euro MP Liz Lynne after the leader's keynote speech on Monday afternoon.

The West Midlands region MEP Liz Lynne said that four months on from the historic conference vote to back a coalition at the Birmingham NEC, the record of Liberal Democrat policies and achievements across many areas of government showed it was the right decision.

She said: "As Nick said, it was the right decision in May and we have the right government now for the country. It looks clear to me that the coalition will last the whole Parliament.

"The conference has been exciting, with some lively debates and different views in the best Liberal tradition of course, but there is no doubt at all in my mind that we are in this coalition for the long term.

"What makes this conference different is that LibDem ministers are making announcements on LibDem policy which will now affect the whole country.

"Nick's speech was very well received, perhaps because he took the opportunity to spell out just how many Liberal Democrat policies we have put into effect with this coalition already.

"Politics is ultimately about carrying your ideas into government, and after 60 years in opposition that is what Nick Clegg and his ministerial colleagues are now doing. The coalition is a synthesis of ideas and policies from both Conservatives and LibDems.

"Taking nearly a million people out of tax and restoring the earnings link for pensioners with a 'triple guarantee' so pensions will increase each year by the higher of inflation, earnings growth or 2.5% are huge changes that I have long campaigned for, but Labour just ignored.

"Nick said in his speech that the deficit is not just some little local difficulty as Labour now likes to pretend, but is the biggest in the G20, bigger even than Greece. We have to take this millstone of debt off the necks of our children, while interest rates are still low.

"The difference we are bringing to the coalition is that we will rebalance the economy in a way that promotes fairness. At the same time we will reform the way politics works so it is more democratic in a way that the Conservatives on their own would never do.

"I am more confident than ever that we are doing the right thing."