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Tamworth meets its candidate Rob Wheway.

November 12, 2019 9:20 AM

Rob WhewayTamworth residents had an opportunity to meet their general election candidate, Rob Wheway, last night. Some of the areas covered in the conversation were:

Putting the "Great" back in Britain

The narrow minded way the Brexit leaders have campaigned for Brexit has lowered the high standing internationally which we have previously enjoyed.

They have made it sound as if we need to stand out alone against everyone else.

This is strange as we are probably the best connected country in the world. We have enjoyed international respect for the way we work with other countries

We are members of very significant international organisations and in a position to play a leading role. We are in:

The United Nations (with a seat on the Security Council), also the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, The Commonwealth, The European Union, NATO, Council of Europe, World Trade Organisation and many many more.

Our role in world affairs can be pivotal

The Scouts and Guides movement was started in our country and is now the biggest membership youth organisation in the world. We started and laid down the original rules for the biggest international sports organisations: Football, Cricket, Rugby. We also provided the inspiration for the modern Olympics.

Our language has become the international language.

We need to bring back the respect we once held by working positively with other countries including the EU.

Saving the Planet

We need to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. The increasing numbers of climate catastrophes around the world including the recent flooding in Sheffield and Doncaster shows we need to take action now. The David Attenborough programmes keep illustrating the dangers to our planet. Whilst our country is promising more action than many others, we cannot be complacent.

Air pollution is an immediate problem. According to The Sunday Times:

"The World Health Organization says that air pollution poses the greatest environmental threat to health in 2019. Public Health England links it with asthma, heart disease, elevated levels of psychosis and reduced life expectancy.

It is estimated by the Department of Health that exposure to manmade air pollution in the UK has an annual effect equivalent to up to 36,000 deaths."

There is also increasing evidence that polluted air reduces children's educational achievement.

We all need to play our part by walking and cycling a bit more and driving our cars a bit less. Government needs to play its part too. We need legislation for slow speeds on residential side roads so that they are safe enough for children to get out, play, run errands, etc as they always used to do.

Most people in their 50s and over will remember that they were able to walk to primary school unaccompanied because the roads then were safer. They were getting healthy exercise at no cost to the tax-payer or their parents.