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Lichfield, Tamworth and Burton Liberal Democrats

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Vote Liberal Democrat to Stop Brexit and build a brighter and outward-looking future for our country

November 26, 2019 9:19 PM

Paul Ray 2019So says Paul Ray Lib Dem General Election candidate

"The Liberal Democrats' position on Brexit is crystal clear. We are the strongest party of Remain. The Conservatives want to lead us over the Brexit cliff. That brings economic disaster with massive job losses, worsening of the staffing crisis in the NHS and social care since these sectors are so reliant on EU workers, the break-up of the UK….

Labour is just unable to make up its mind.

Conservatives say a vote for them is to Get Brexit Done. That is just NOT HONEST. We still need to negotiate a trade deal with the EU and that will go on for years. Or crash out without a deal, a possibility Michael Fabricant conveniently omits to mention.

We can't just forge full steam ahead into the iceberg of a disastrous Brexit. I say that our future is best in the EU BUT, assuming the Liberal Democrats are not the government, the final decision should be with you in a People's Vote. And remember, no-one born in this century voted in the referendum and this is a decision that above all will affect our children and grandchildren.

The Leave camp say that a People's Vote would be undemocratic. But now we can make a decision based on facts rather than slogans….and how, after all, is asking you to give your view undemocratic?

Brexit is so much more than the "nuts and bolts" of our relationship with the EU. It's about our values now and for the next generation and more and more Conservative and Labour voters are coming across to the Lib Dems because they believe in Remain and just cannot vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party."

Vote Paul Ray. Vote Lib Dem to Stop Brexit and build a brighter and outward-looking future for our country.