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Farm Animal Welfare - Promises made and broken

June 16, 2021 5:09 PM
By Cllr Hugh Ashton - Lichfield Liberal Democrats

Farm Animal Welfare

Promises made. Promises broken.

It's time for this government to go. We have a delusional Prime Minister, full of fine words and empty promises. We have a Cabinet full of corrupt mediocrities at best and racist xenophobes at worst. This is not the Britain I grew up in, or even Thatcher's Britain that I left in disgust over 30 years ago.

Here's just one example of the complete ineptitude of these people:

"Boris Johnson today hailed a "new dawn" in the UK's relationship with Australia after the terms of a new free trade deal was agreed.
"The prime minister heralded the "fantastic opportunities" in the accord, which is forecast to grow the economy by 0.02 per cent over 15 years."

Is there anything less than a superlative in this man's vocabulary? How is 0.02% over 15 years a "fantastic opportunity?

This comes from The Independent where it also says:

"Downing Street also confirmed a 15-year cap on tariff-free imports to the UK and other "safeguards" expected to be brought in to protect British farmers.

But in the same news source the next day we read:

"Tariffs will be scrapped immediately on imported beef and lamb from Australia, triggering accusations that the trade deal struck by Boris Johnson will send UK farmers "to the wall".

"The small print of the first major post-Brexit agreement - revealed by Canberra, as the UK government tried to keep it under wraps - revealed a pledge to protect farmers for 15 years has been dropped.
"Instead, Australian farmers will effectively be handed tariff-free access from day one, up to a "cap" on sales that is 60 times the current level of imported beef."

Oh, and those high standards that Johnson promised to protect?:

Brexit news - live: PM says UK must end 'restrictive regulation' as farmers' criticise Australia trade deal as reported in The Independent

At least there is growing pressure, if not outright anger, at the secrecy and devious way in which these trade deals are being arranged. The Speaker of the House of Commons is justifiably livid with Johnson and his disregard for the principles of Parliamentary democracy.
Time for farmers to load up trailers full of cow manure and dump them outside Brexit supporters' doors. Wading through piles of bullshit should be no hardship for these Brexit idiots. They've done it for years.